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Jaco Loduschwingsing Loduschwingsing Loduschwingsing Loduschwingsing Loduschwingsing Loduschwingsing Loduschwingsing Loduschwingsing Lighthouse  

Titel, Jahr

Lighthouse , 2000


green FTK, various materials, illumination


Durchmesser 380 cm, Höhe 400 cm

Exhibition, venue: Permanent exhibition: North Sea, outside 
the Nordisk Akvarellmuseet in Skärhamn, Sweden

"The lighthouse measures four meters in height, it is a round construction whose foundations lie on a tiny island in the sea in front of the Nordisk Akvarellmuseet in Skärhamn, Sweden. The building is mint green in color, and is built of German mineral water crates. There are eight bright spotlights inside the lighthouse that light up the building so that it shows as a green emerald in the narrow channel between the Museum and the island Bockholmen with artist's studios. It is easy to be detected from lively sea route leading from Marstrand to Kyrkesund passing Skärhamn. In the summer when the water is quite warm and the height of the water is low, people can swim across the water to the lighthouse and climb up into it. In stormy evenings in the fall the water height has risen, and the tiny island is completely overwhelmed by the Sea; then, the lighthouse simply stands as if it had its foundations in the water." 
(Bernd Arell: The Lighthouse, Skärhamn, Sweden 2000)

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